Establishment of Holding Companies in Singapore

There are minimal requirements for starting a business in Singapore. Holding companies in the country are registered as private limited companies. As you look for the procedures on how to establish your business in Singapore, you need to seek advice from professionals on tax and legal implications involved. Self incorporation without the help of a professional firm is allowed in case all the directors, secretary and former shareholders have Dependent Pass Holders, Employment Pass and Singapore National Registration Identity Card.

Incorporation Requirements

Here are the basic requirements:

One or more shareholders

1. A private limited company in Singapore should have more than one shareholder, but less than fifty of them.
2. The shareholder can be a legal entity or a person. A 100 percent international shareholding is allowed.
3. New shares can be transferred or issued any time after the company completes the entire incorporation process.

One or more directors who are Singaporean residents

1. A resident is known as a Singaporean citizen, individual or permanent resident with an Entrepass, Dependent Pass or Employment Pass.
2. There is no limitation on the number of local and foreign directors to be appointed.
3. The director and shareholder are allowed to be the same person. Non shareholders can also be appointed as directors of a company.
4. Directors should have a clean criminal record and be above eighteen years old.
A secretary who is a resident in Singapore
1. Within half year of incorporation, the secretary should be appointed.
2. For companies with one director or shareholder, he or she cannot act as the secretary.

Paid up capital

· The minimum share capital to register a Singaporean company is s$1.
· The amount can be increased afterwards after the incorporation.

A genuine address

A commercial or residential physical address should be given as the recorded address of the firm. It must be approved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and might not be a P.O Box address.

Incorporation process

This is a process that can be finalized within three days. For those firms that are permitted for self incorporation without the help of a professional service, registration can be done online through BizFile Accounting and ACRA portal.

Once you make the decision to move on with self incorporation, here are steps to be followed to register a private limited company.

Name registration

The first step is reserving the name of the company that should not be in use or have offensive terms. After the approval of the name it is reserved for two months.

Registration of the company

After the approval of the name, a formal incorporation request should be filed with the following:
1. Type of company
2. SingPass
3. Details of share capital
4. Approved name of the firm
5. PDF of MAA
6. Registered location of business

It is possible for firms to be incorporated within fifteen minutes after payment of registration fees. For those that need review or approval it can two weeks and two months. The company is allowed to operate after all the documents are received and a Unique Entity Number is given. Yearly compliance requirements are less and include filling of annual returns and yearly general meetings. The first annual general meeting must be held within eighteen months after incorporation.

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