Top Services Provided By Our Singapore Secretarial Services

When you hire us to act as your nominee company secretary, we take full responsibility to carry out all the duties of a company secretary. This gives you ample time to focus on managing your business. Some of the major duties that we play on your behalf include the following:

Maintaining and doing all updates on your statutory registers books

We ensure that your statutory registers with all the needed changes are established and maintained properly. This includes:
1. Appointments of officers such as auditors, directors, CEO and secretaries.
2. Resignation of officers such as the directors, secretaries, auditors and CEO.
3. Issuing and transfer of shares among the shareholders.
4. Debentures and charges movements of the firm.
5. Filing of all signed board resolutions and EGM, AGM minutes.

Filing to ACRA all the changes that occur in the statutory board

We file all the changes to ACRA within the deadline given on:
1. Resignation and appointments of officers.
2. Filing yearly returns before the deadline.
3. Change of firm name approval.
4. Changes in articles and memorandum of associations.
5. Share transfers and allotments.

Organizing and attending meetings of the directors’ board

As your nominee company secretary, we ensure that all the directors’ board meetings are well prepared to avoid inconveniences. We also carry out the following duties:
1. Prepare circular resolutions made by directors.
2. Prepare the meetings agenda with the chief executive and maintain minute books.
3. Take part in the meetings and write minutes.
4. Certify copies of the minutes.
5. Offer expert legal advice on companies Act.

Prepare and write down minutes of annual general meetings

Annual general meetings are very crucial to any company. They require to be prepared well because of their major benefit to your company. As your nominee company secretary we help perform the following tasks:
1. Gather both audited and non audited financial reports to be circulated to all shareholders.
2. Preparing the meetings agenda, attend the meetings and taking the minutes.
3. Ensure that the right procedures are adhered to.
4. File the yearly return to ACRA.

Safe storage of corporate seal

We ensure that your company seal is kept in a safe manner. In addition we make sure that it is used in the right way as stipulated in your company memorandum and articles of associations.

Remind of compliances before the deadlines set

ACRA file help inform you two months earlier before the deadline of filing your yearly returns. This is necessary to ensure that your company is not late and avoid penalties involved in filing the annual returns after the deadline.

The Role of Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services

Many businesses are springing up all over Singapore and a lot of them are quite small entrepreneurial endeavors. As a result, many of these companies do not have any sort of secretarial services, as the size of the company seems too small to deem the extra salary necessary. However, there are a number of key benefits to having a secretary on staff. That is why there are a growing number of corporate secretarial services companies who specialize in providing high quality secretarial services at price even small businesses can afford.

Singapore has become a very popular are for new businesses to set up. Of all the places for an entrepreneur to set up Analyzing company success during business conferencebusiness, Singapore has shown much promise, due in part to the fact that Singapore has a stable social, legislative and economic foundation. Singapore has become a world leader in the business environment circle.

Singapore company secretarial services has many responsibilities in addition to their routine job description. In addition are the following are the responsibilities of this secretary, as follows: They are expected to schedule meetings with key infrastructure leaders. The company secretary must attend all of these meetings and take notes and maintain the minute books. They are expected to certify the minutes. Every company has in place policies and procedures and the secretary must make sure that these procedures set in place are being followed. It is the responsibility of the secretary to circulate to shareholders all agreements, and keep shareholders informed.

Every company has a mission statement or constitution, so it is the responsibility of the secretary to make sure that the company is compliant with their constitution. The secretary must update ACRA to any and all changes within the company’s infrastructure such as, changes in key leaders, appointments, company returns, alteration in company constitution, issue of company shares, and more changes.

They are responsible for statements regarding all accounts, director’s report and the company’s yearly report. They are expected to maintain a register of members. They will assist with anything that affects shareholders, and follow up on questions from shareholders. Communication is the foundation of all companies, and it is the secretary that is held responsible for communication between stockholder’s and the company, and investment protection committee.

They calculate dividends and interest occurred. It is up to the secretary to monitor what the register of members is doing to prevent company takeovers. They are responsible for transfers and restructure of issues involving shares and capital. The secretary must make sure that all documentation is in place and protect the company’s interest.

Lastly, the secretary must review all governance, advice and assist directors in company and personal responsibilities. The company secretary is the communication pathway between non-executive board members. The company seal is very important and needs to be protected and properly used and it is the secretary who will take this responsibility.

As one can see this key employee have numerous issues to comply to and regulations to meet. The secretary must meet and obey the laws of Singapore. Companies might wonder just where to find such a skilled, knowledgeable and devoted secretary. There are corporate secretarial services companies on the market that business owners can access, to hire just the right company secretary that has been screened and is skilled in all aspects of the business world, that are waiting to service their company